Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 12- Hesitation & Eternity


This word has a strongly negative connotation within my memories. In particular, the lyrics “When the moment comes, you cannot hesitate” come up. The experience of myself of this word has to come to making big, life, changing decisions. Interesting, I was about to write life-defining decisions, but then I had a moment within that where I realized that nothing is really ever set in stone, and that, despite the elevated place we give such big decisions within our minds, all we can ever really do is change. While changes are like definitions, it’s ultimately always up to us whether or not we keep such changes or the consequences they create within us. Anyway, back to my point, which is that this word hesitation, as negatively defined within my mind, has become and caused quite a conflict. Interesting how one thought can create so much strife.

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