Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 21- Suppression Proves Personal Power

I have been experiencing suppression lately. Then I had a look at the definition of suppression and came across this interesting tidbit: the restraint or repression of an idea, activity, or reaction by something more powerful.

While I was aware of the definition of suppression as restraint/repression, that such restraint is carried out by “something more powerful” is what struck me as interesting.

While I have defined suppression as negative within myself, it actually reveals this powerful part of myself, so powerful that it is able to restrain ideas and activities as they arise within me, even when those ideas or activities resonate with me. 

Another way to think about it is: if the thing you were suppressing were negative (say you had a sudden urge to say something hurtful to another), then exercising restraint over that urge would be considered disciplined or tactful = a positive. What then does suppressing positive aspects of myself teach me? That I am a powerful being not on a spiritual journey where some God or Spirit bestows upon me a series of ecstatic experiences. If that were so, why would there exist a capacity/part of me that was capable of overriding these ecstatic experiences?

What this actually reveals to me is that I am far more and far more powerful than the limiting self-definition of weak or a failure would tell me. I am so powerful I can in fact stop my own miraculous self-expansion in a single moment of self-doubt and hesitation.

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