Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 19- Habits Prove the Unconscious Mind

If we observe within our lives certain specific tendencies, habits, or patterns which take up our time in repeating loops, rather than participating within infinite cycles of guilt and shame around such behaviors, maybe there is something we can learn from them. The first step is to of course stop the thoughts, feelings and emotions related to the pattern we want to change. If you have been following me for a remarkable amount of time you will know already that the tool for stopping thoughts, feelings, and emotions is self-forgiveness.

However, it's important to realize that, in addition to these conscious and perhaps subconscious thoughts, emotions, and feelings related to a pattern we would like to change, there is an unconscious aspect to the pattern as well. A perfect demonstration of the way the unconscious mind functions within our lives is with habits within which we participate.

1. First, we have the conscious mind aspects such as the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that, with time and self-writing we can become more aware of. These include the thoughts, emotions, and feelings we experience within our day-to-day lives as we experience ourselves in the self and the mind.

2. Second, we have the subconscious aspects which are like the personality systems that are triggered by certain people or situations throughout our day. These are much larger systems than, say, a simple thought and can comprise a whole network of thoughts, feelings, and emotions within which a Self can fall and get lost.

3. Finally, we have the unconscious mind which largely functions below the conscious level but dictates our behavior down to the places we go and people we "choose" to spend time with. If you follow any sort of pattern whether it be a tendency to put your clothes away in a certain way or use a certain drug or see a certain person, and your actual doing so has sort of melted/faded into the background of your daily life such that you are only aware of the thoughts, emotions, and feelings related to the things you are doing within the pattern but not that you are participating in a behavioral pattern at all, that is proof of the unconscious mind.

Patterns prove the unconscious aspect of our Mind Consciousness System. That is how we can act in repeating ways while only being aware of the conscious aspects of the point. Through self-writing, we can uncover the details of the pattern and forgive ourselves to release ourselves from anything that is holding us back from being able to stop participating in the pattern. Visit Desteni 'Lite' for more information of self-writing and a free course to learn how you can use writing and self-forgiveness to explore and stop self-limiting aspects of our minds.

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