Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 18- Good vs. Evil

I saw a Facebook post from a Destonian today in which they were talking about the EQAFE product explaining The Design of Polarity. Throughout this whole process of investigating myself and the Mind, one of the most important understandings I've had is the nature and role of polarity in the way in which this world-system is built. Polarity exists within the bonds of the chemicals which make up our physical universe, within the roller-coaster of emotions and feelings we experience within our Minds on a daily basis, and in the way our socioeconomy is structured, with the Haves and the Have-nots fighting over resources.

Within my personal life, I was able to use the tools of Desteni to identify a major Character I've played in my life. Namely, I am talking about the Lightworker character. I could go into great depth about the history of this character and how I've created and lived it to create negative consequences in my life, but the main definition of this Character is the self-image of being a warrior/hero in the fight against evil in the world. Thus, in playing this Character throughout my life, I've participated within Polarity to the extent that I've held a self-image as someone "Good" who was pitted against a "Bad" world.

Before applying self-forgiveness on this character, I was not aware that I was participating in a delusion believing myself and my position in the world to be superior. I did not realize the extent (total) of deception existent within this world such that every single human living here has suffered total self-deception. This means that those who have participated in the Lightworker Character have acted under the exact same self-deception as everyone else we've perceived as either apathetic or directly against us in this cosmic battle for good vs. evil. What does that say about our participation in this World? Has anything really changed as a result of us who have believed ourselves to be good?

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