Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 1- Negative Memories Related to Past Jobs

A point that has come up repeatedly in my life is thoughts and beliefs related to there not being a job out there that is appropriate for me. Within this I can see two points, the first of which I will address in this post and that is the Memories related to past jobs I've had that haven't worked out the way I've wanted.

I'm sure many can relate on this point as I'm sure we've all had jobs or at least experiences as moments within jobs in which things haven't gone exactly smoothly and according to plan. Whether it be a negative experience with a boss, a coworker, a customer, or simply becoming frustrated with the task at hand and doubting our ability to perform well in the job, it's likely you have a memory or memories related to these moments where things were rough. Personally, I can count many, even within my favorite jobs.

As I turn to the job market in search of another job, I've found myself experiencing the belief that I will run into the same experiences. This belief can be so overwhelming that I stop searching for a job entirely at that moment. It's like I just want to give up before I even begin. Maybe you can relate?

I am walking a 7 Year Journey to Life, blogging regularly about my experience of myself and the Mind so as to deconstruct that which is holding me back from living here fully.

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