Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 5- My life has seemed to come to exist in really only two modes.

The first is long periods of confusion. During these times, I am unsure as to what I should be doing and even small decisions are difficult; I find myself second guessing or changing my mind about nearly every decision I make. Unfortunately, I am so used to such periods that by this point, I realize that they are only the dark of night before the second type of mode in my life.

The second type of mode my life consists of are intermittent bursts that I call moments-as-opportunities. I can be existing in the darkness of the first type and then, all of a sudden, wham! I am hit with a moment-as-opportunity to make a change in my life. I have seized these moments more than once and both times what was required was that I continued to take specific action to follow up on the initial movement.

I resisted such actions more than once and the result seems to be that the opportunity was lost.

When I have resisted even the initial movement, what has happened is that I seem to get plunged back into the darkness (the first type of life-mode).

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