Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 14- On letting the dichotomy of life get you down

It's not about love or fear as a dichotomy that paints your life into one of two directions. Such a philosophy, found commonly in organized religions, leaves the practitioner with only two choices. He or she can either be Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong. Politics does the same thing.

I mean, if creating something you love is part of your life, then by all means pursue that. But there's no need to stress oneself out about whether or not one is actually pleasing those you love, recognizing such a thought or desire as originating in our MINDS. If there's one thing I've learned it's to be utterly dubious about all things that seemingly come from the mind: they may benefit from some self-examination and introspection.

Wisdom is essentially waiting for the right time to act upon something.

Courage is execution.

Wisdom comes from discipline but patience can only get you so far. Courage is what it really takes to make your mark on the world.

HOWEVER, these words are ultimately just that: the real truth of self is to express oneself using Sound to communicate. No need to stress about it.

The Realization of this role of responsibility need not be self-limiting within a dichotomy of right or wrongs with much at stake. Rather, realizing the expression of yourself as words is your birthright. Yes, doing so can be like a sacred form of giving, but all are equally responsible for what happens here.

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